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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Ingrid

    We do not need to defund police departments. What we DO need is: 1) a return to a form of “community policing”, which will vary somewhat according to the size and makeup of the community, but which should include officers who live in the area, know a lot of the residents, are visible in a helpful and non-threatening way (unless actively responding to a potentially criminal call). 2). Universal police training on both the practical and the personal aspects of “policing”, include the need to “give respect to get respect”: i.e.., treat the individuals you are dealing with fairly with only as much firmness as needed to protect yourself and others in the area who might be injured. 3). Universal enforcement in departments of the motto and purpose of police: “to protect and serve” the communities they serve, and ALL the people therein - equally and fairly. 4). NO ROUTINE USE OF MILITARY-STYLE EQUIPMENT, PERSONAL, WEAPONRY, OR VEHICULAR. Yes, sometimes some of such equipment may be needed (bomb threat, mass shooting, and such.). But NOT as a threatening display. NOT EVER. Bottom line: If the police present themselves TO the community they are there for with respect and appreciation FOR the community, and an active attitude of working FOR AND WITH the community to protect ALL the people of the community from criminal behavior, you won’t need a huge police presence to maintain order.

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