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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Mrashley
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    It is my understanding that the legislation that is being brought forward, would disband the current police department, and bring forward a new policing model with new members of said new policing organization. I understand that this legislation is not in my state or district and may not have a direct impact on me per se. However, I feel as though the measure that Minneapolis is considering undertaking would be the quickest way to rid their police of racist and biased individuals who use their shield to advance their own agenda. Unless the United States Congress includes more restrictive language in their bill (such as expressly prohibiting the death of any person in handcuffs, and the death of an unarmed person who police are attempting to take into custody), it will just be eloquent lip service. If the authors of this bill are serious about holding law enforcement accountable, then the “shall not’s” and “ANY’s” need to be in the proper place to remove any loopholes some clever union attorney may seek to exploit. “A peace officer shall not cause the death of, maim or seriously injure, any human in the course of making an arrest for a violation of the law.” I present the above as an example.

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