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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Kathy

    I absolutely agree police department in New York should be defunded, officers need to have psychological testing for racial bias, need to live in community. Most important is if police officers who are found guilty for misconduct the money should NOT be paid with taxpayers money to cover law sued. The officers need to paid out of their pockets to cover lawsuits. If they have a record of complaints against them it should be made available to public just as they make public records of people they arrested or kill. There should be a national data base of their records. Police department have no problem putting out records of people they arrest we should have same information about them. Departments should never be given equipment that is use for military purposes. Miss abuse of power catch on video should be made public. Body cameras should be on at all times and if turned off doing a confrontation with public they service is reason to be fired. I’m tried of hearing about a few bad apples there a hella a lot bad apples around this country. Becoming a police officer is a personal choice so I’m tried of hearing about how hard their jobs are. If it’s to hard then they can choose to go into a field better sues them period. I will use my power of my vote to vote for representatives who listen and have my interest at heart. I know the history of policing coming from slave patrol and that is the mentality a lot across this country have from the top down.


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