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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Marilyn
    Voted Oppose

    Continuing on my other statements one of my most important reasons is the double speak of the president, administration and this GOP. He has flown into each town for his propaganda rallies loudly blasting spewing his support for the law along with his hate filled rhetoric only to leave each community left to clean up his mess literally and figuratively leaving each town with a big bill. Forcing each community and state to rearrange their own budgets which also include the local police departments. I say start with him, you hustled these communities and never reimbursed them including the law and order police. Pay them back, your worse than a hit and run. Who in their right mind would ever believe you and all of your ponzis. Your reputation proceeds you, your known for not paying your bills and screwing contractors. I believe that no community should host until they have a signed contract that you, your campaign and or the GOP will pay the bill. The buck starts and stops with you pay up or shut up.


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