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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted Oppose

    Honestly, there isn't enough research on this for me to say this is a good or a bad idea. I believe there is still a need for local and state police. I believe there are areas of this country where there are good police forces who understand "innocent until proven guilty" applies to everyone and takes "protect and serve" seriously. However there are areas of this country that need reform in their police department. Maybe I'm completely naive, but how freaking hard is it as a governor, as a police chief, as a mayor, as a city council to convey to the police force that discrimination towards minorities will not be tolerated? That this "secret handshake" club where you don't rat out an officer who is one of the bad eggs will not be tolerated? That the mindset that a black man is automatically more dangerous and violent than a white man is ignorance?


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