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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Catherine
    Voted Oppose

    I seriously think the leaders that were elected need to check theirselves! They are not above all. While they sit in their mansions bought with your tax dollars and allow violent people to destroy our cities, business, and property that we work hard for should be responsible for all damage. If they defund the police they should be sued for the first murder and every murder after that occurs. This is not a movie from the purge. Whoever these violent, disrespectful punks are should be held accountable for every one of their actions. Go ahead burn that city but you come to my state, my neighborhood, near anyplace my family lives rest assured you will be met by your maker. And there will be no understanding. All you punks need to to wake up and put forth towards this country as the rest of us have. Your hatred you own and your violence you own, your disrespect and lack for proper guidance is on you! Make the decision to follow the leaders that don’t sit in their mansions and allow you to destroy our property, our cities, our businesses. Follow the leaders that pray for peace and want to give back to the community. Become a patriot and be proud of how the country has become better. Learn your history, turn off the main stream media and watch honest news. Those of you paid for your role in these protests are just sheer punks and your Leader will go down. We will allow you to play your game but when you are not ready you will be taken by surprise for the patriotic American people who love all are sitting and waiting so you better make the right choice your may not be able to make a choice and it will be made for you.


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