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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Cynthia
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    I think that the extra money that goes into buying military warfare gear and guns would be better spent if we had strong gun control laws and better community programs for impoverished youth and homeless adults. A society that is peaceful and mindful that guns are only for defense of last resort or for legitimate hunting of food sources in remote areas. Gun of mass destruction as in high round capability, or powerful mortars is totally unnecessary and , I feel, should be totally illegal to own. Those weapons should only be for a well regulated militia ( as our Constitution stipulates). The extra money from partial defunding of the police from a military force to a community public safety officer would be a good first step. Crime many times stems from frustration or drunken stupidity. These problems can be lessened with a good community sports center or a YMCA. Temporary housing units could be built for those who are homeless through no fault of their own. These units could be staffed by cleaning crewes by which the people in the units can help keep things clean and safe for children. More community playgrounds could be built and staffed with adults for safety and to intervene in normal childhood skufffles. There could be a community healthcare center where basic care could be given with a focus on preventable illnesses. Health and illness education classes can be held for professionals and no professionals. There could be an immunization Clinic, Neonatal Clinic, Etc. These funds could help support a healthy grocery store, with a vibrant produce bar, deli, and no junk food! Poor neighborhoods are generally deserts for these sorts of services. Each community could decide what types of extra services it requires. These are just some ideas on how to divert some of the police funds from guns to goods type of structure. Divert money from destructive activities and anti riot gear to more peaceful pursuits. Riots don’t happen in a vacuum though. They happen for a reason and today’s reason is police brutality! If my children don’t play appropriately with their toys, I take them away! It seems like too many police love the power and control feeling the badge and their weapons gives them. They use the privilege irresponsibly, then lie if caught because they know the mainly white juries will not convict them. Boohoo, they have a tough job. Well, I was a nurse for 20 years and occasionally we have violent patients who we have to control, yet we do it with words or humane restraining devices especially for the elderly or mentally troubled or deficient patient. We didn’t need guns, and tear gas or pepper grenades. And when taking down a patient to restrain him, we certainly didn’t choke them out! Derek, You were the person of authority, you had the responsibility to defuse the situation. Even if the person didn’t cooperate fully with the arrest, perhaps there were reasons. Did you bother asking? George was already handcuffed. How dangerous could he have been to you? You needed to ask him why he wasn’t cooperating. Perhaps a small compromise could have saved both of you a lot of trouble. But too many police get caught up in the “I’m in control” mode. Then the power struggle ensues. I suspect that he was fearful that you would harm him, and that fear made him not want to cooperate fully. I’m sure there were actions you could have taken to reassure him you would be fair. But if you hate blacks and George’s fears. were valid, then justice should be speedy for George’s family. There is always a give and take in the job of a policeman. Compromise has to play a part. Those who get a high off power and control should never be given a badge and a gun. Good cops should really police bad cops. Beds cops just spoil the reputation of the majority of good ones. I do feel for police. They DO have a tough job, but there are more appropriate ways to handle that stress instead of slowly choking out a man to his slow end! That was more than cruel, that was intentionally sadistic! That is why the “riots” are so large and persistent now. I am sorry to good police, but the code of silence killed the whole police force in your city, my hometown. I hope that citizens there can find a better way to conduct public safety of policing. The citizens deserve better. Minnesota nice is true, and one bad cop spoiled that well deserved reputation of Minneapolis. I love my hometown. I miss it. This situation saddens me so much! For the loss of a good man, and the cities loss of a good well deserved reputation of selflessness!


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