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Law Enforcement Officers Face Violence, Deadly Attacks During Anti-Police Brutality Protests
by Causes
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    Sorry, but I have seen sexual assault by police officers since the 1980s; cops beating their wives and children since the 1950s; police turning dogs and firehouses onto peaceful protestors since the 1960s. When I reported a brutal beating of a helpless teenager cops threatened my life in the ‘80s. My daughter has been beaten for looking Brown. A war veteran was purposely shot in the head with a canister causing brain damage in an Oakland protest. Peaceful protestors are shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with pepper spray and teargas, charged by cops on horseback, beaten by cops with batons, and flash bombs hurled at them this year. An old man was pushed by a cop who prevented first aid as he lay bleeding from the head wound. Delaying help so Black people will die is common. Peaceful protestors who care about ethics are maimed. Black and brown people are murdered. It is known that the violence toward cops comes from outside—almost never from demonstrators. So cops who assault, terrorize, attack us with illegal weapons, and murder people on the street and in their homes are victims? Power affects the brain negatively and our militarized cops have life and death power over citizens. To the rare good cop, may you be safe. To the rest, karma can be hard to take.

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