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The DC: Three more officers charged in George Floyd killing, and... 👥Have you experienced racism?
by Causes
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  • Cari

    I have from community members, I am white and I have had non white people call me racist at work when doing my job (triage RN). We need to stop looking at each other’s skin, we keep perpetuating this problem because we keep saying white black purple etc... I also had a person tell staff she doesn’t want a white person take care of her child.. this issue is going both ways and we need to all get together and move forward together. I imagine we all want the same thing but all races need to acknowledge their individual actions and impact of them. 99.9% if the time I feel no issues with any race as we all work together, shop together and go to school together and we don’t call out the color of our skin. Let’s address the individuals that are being unfair and address it.


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