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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Cari
    Voted Oppose

    What kind of society do we become without police to enforce laws. Look at how society is destroying our cities while police are told to do nothing and the police precinct is burned down!! We need to know if the cause of George’s death was a bad cop or a bad cop being racist. White people, Asians, Hispanics etc are all killed and I am sure police have killed other races besides black citizens. We need to address the hate towards all people. I feel there is racism against whites as well. A white cop was killed the other day by a black citizen yet no news coverage. We need to get back to the basics, the officer that put his knee on George’s neck definitely acted horribly by not even trying to revive him. I am not sure what George was doing that lead to these actions but no one should die like this from being detained. This needs to be addressed. Dismantling police departments will lead to more crimes and unsafe cities. We rely on our police! There are bad lawyers, doctors and yes, police. We have a justice system for this reason, let it work! You don’t shut down a system for a bad seed. We need specifics of what change people feel needs to occur. People of all races get pulled over and charged with crime and being vague with blanket statements doesn’t help, we need specific concerns that show there is an imbalance of fairness and how we address it that maintains safety for all. Don’t forget we have a community not just select individuals. Of course funding needs to continue!!! We should cut out government before the actual people helping us! How many governors, mayors and politicians have turned George’s death into a political issue to ban against the president to make him appear to be at fault.. denying support from the national guard, really!! What about all of the citizens in a community?!?! The president has done more for all races! Prior to the covid issue, we were having the best numbers hand down!


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