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Law Enforcement Officers Face Violence, Deadly Attacks During Anti-Police Brutality Protests
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    We cannot say every cop is guilty of Police brutality, oppression, and racism. It simply isn’t true. Yes, many do commit wrongful acts against innocent people, and they should be held accountable. We also should work to bring about reforms to prevent acts of racism in our law enforcement and help educate people throughout the country about the horrible ways African Americans have been treated in the past and how it continues to this day. That is why I fully support the peaceful protest and have even participated in one myself. But rioting and looting is not the answer. Even more unjust is assaulting an innocent cop who truly wants to serve and protect. Some who have been attacked possibly agree with the movement. Many men and woman in blue wish not to silence the voices of those who are in pain, but they must uphold their duty of preserving law and order. Let us stand up peacefully so that anyone who wishes to criticize the protest because of political bias will not have the ability to say that “the protestors are just as violent as the police who use excessive force”. In doing so we will be able to expose the evils of racism and show that the specific cops who have been firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors are in the wrong

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