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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Sandra
    Voted Oppose

    This is just asking for more chaos. Defunding the police is the path to a completely out of control society. I believe we need to offer more training and mental health guidance for these officers, along with more money to assist them. I do feel that officers who have been disciplined need to be removed from the force if it is a continuous problem. This is one area I think has gone unnoticed and unaddressed for too long. However, it starts with the governors and mayors. They stick their noses into business that should’ve left up to the agencies. It’s time to replace some of these lifetime politicians. Governor Whitmore is one of the 1st that needs to go along with Cuomo, Desantis and Neusome. These are individuals that have backed burning up the cities and the complete lawlessness that is occurring. If this is the way people act with police, just imagine a life without them. BLACK LIES MATTER BLM needs also to be listed as a terrorist group. They are worse than ANTIFA any day of the week. I’m still waiting to hear from my reps, but to this day only TedCruz has been out there standing up for us. Where are you Cornyn and Grainger? Silence now, means no vote from me in November. You get paid to work for us and you both have failed miserably. Get ready to be replaced. You have sat around way too long. You should be defending our police, not just sitting quiet and unsee in times like this. I will no longer support any government official who refuses to work for US THE PEOPLE!


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