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Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. — 57.6K Cases & 897 Deaths Reported Thursday
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  • John

    People may think that this has nothing to do with the topic but it has everything to do with it. Trump is now talking about pulling American troops out of Germany. No one will be more happy about that than Russia especially Vladimir Putin. I put it to the American people that trumps goal has been to bring down America and destroy it. I think Putin has something really deep on Trump it would wreck his entire life and wealth. Trump doesn’t want to get out and he is now Putin’s puppet. I think he’s working for Putin, sound crazy - Just look at the track record, $1 trillion more in debt each and every year Donald Trump has spent an office, rioting in the streets calling out the military on American citizens, over 106,000 Americans dead in the United States, our economy in the worst shape it’s ever been since the great depression. Even after his amazing remarks yesterday the jobs were up, it comes out the books were cooked! It turns out in the unemployment rate is around 20%. It seems trumps entire presidency has been devoted to lies and turning American on American. What better way to destroy America than destroyed from within. Donald Trump is the enemy of America.

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