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Senate Confirms First Black Leader of Military Branch, Considers Bipartisan Bill Addressing Public Lands Maintenance Backlog
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    Hillary yes the house passed more than 400 bills passed by only the Democrats with either none or one or two republicans votes. In fact most bills go before a committee that has jurisdiction and both parties make amendments and after voting on the amendment and listening to subject matter experts there is a final vote in the committee to pass it to go to the full house for a vote. Hillary maybe you could do some research for us and tell us how many of those bills went before committees and on the floor vote how many got more than 5 Republicans votes? If the Democrats write a bill in Nancy’s kitchen eating ice cream and she calls her leadership on the phone to say great job Nancy and she has the entire Democratic conference voting cards and she goes to the floor to vote it in and no Republicans vote for it because they are not in session, well I don’t think Mitch is obligated to bring it before the Senate.


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