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The DC: 🔎 Barr investigating 'Antifa and other agitators' inciting riots, and... Is it time to reform legal protections of police officers?
by Causes
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  • Scott

    There are extremists groups on both the right and left. Both are trying to manipulate the protests to either focusing only on the looting and not the underlying causes. Certainly our own government has never tried to interfere in other countries for centuries including: Cuba, Lebanon, Iraq, Brazil, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela. Is it really implausible that CIA or other government groups would have instigators trying to take the wind from the movement? WE ARE WOKE! It’s now or never. Rise up or live in poverty for the rest of our lives before the earth explodes from fracking, oil industries, and carbon emissions. We have like 15-20 years....


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