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U.S. Economy Saw Biggest Monthly Jobs Increase in History With 2.5 Million Added in May, Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Drops Amid Pandemic
by Causes
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  • Nateinps
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    Until there’s 0 people testing positive and 0 people dying from covid-19 I don’t want to hear about the economy. I care about getting this country to put its head on straight, stop thinking about ones self and put themselves in the position of others before picking a side on any issue. Enough team red or team blue. There are fundamental ideas that are wonderful there are ideas that are questionable to moronic. Sadly because it’s all about school spirit, or political party spirit, same thing only worse cause lives are in question with the political one. We need to take the political party stance out of questions not stack questions with other things so it perverts the issue. Simplify the laws and rules, mainly so the people in Washington who make the decisions can understand them. Make it so easy to understand Donald Trump himself can read and understand it without his verbal diarrhea response


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