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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Thomas
    Voted Oppose

    To my law enforcement brothers. You are faced again with the actions of very few stain the rest. The preverbal rotting apple spoiling the bushel. My heart is out to you. For those of you who work in cities that are agreeing with the “people”( I prefer idiots) who are pushing for the defunding, or eliminating your job... now is the time for a good case of blue flu, or just walk away... give them what they want.... and wait to be called back. Here is the important part... only come back when the elected idiots pay your worth... support you..... and do what is right for the area you are in. Please notice hat all the critics have no clue what you sacrifice for your job... and yes, that’s what it is. A job, that is thankless.... and if people would act accordingly, we would have no use for. Unfortunately that last comment isn’t true. So you are needed. I say make them need..., until they beg you to come back.


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