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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Jessica
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    Our police force does not and should not need military equipment in order to do their job. They should be trained in de-escalation tactics and communication instead of being ready to fire a weapon, fight and take someone’s life. I can assure you, a 4-year degree does not constitute a right to kill nor should it give anyone immunity to criminal charges if such an instance were to occur. . We invest in time and training instead of militia. Those funds that are no longer used for custom bullet proof vests, tanks, and other weaponry can be invested in education, public services, roads, parks, etc. The training would be a far more budget-friendly option and support the community while still investing in good officers to protect and serve. Who needs C-23 Sherpas (or/traded for) a Cessna Sationair (especially when illegally traded, Leon Lott) if we are putting money back into the community and specifically lower income communities? The result becomes a more educated, thriving city where citizens want to give back and invest their education and money into growing their community. Oh look- that adds more money back into our own economy creating even more city revenue to grow and expand. Tax payers who believe they are contributing to watch their home grow & flourish, are now watching their “public servants” (i.e. police officers) hunt, beat & kill others individuals who also are paying to live in this place we call home. Defund the police. Tell the city manager to call me and we can discuss this over lunch. They’re buying.

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