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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Leslie

    Reform is what is needed. Defunding maybe politically expedient with reduced tax revenue due to Covid-19 and localities anxious to receive funds for self policing but it will be even more difficult to monitor & control if further decentralized. Pay for performance should be considered with wages decreased by the number of complaints against officers for violence. Improved hiring practices to evaluate psychological profiles, and more training on de-escalation and walking away from non-violent crimes rather than risk violence. Needs to become 2nd nature when under extreme pressure. Also pay reductions & suspension for body cam not available. @Michael: Really liked your suggestion of community work for policemen so the community & police can get to know each other while the police perform positive service for the community. Our city has regular coffee get-to-gethers at Starbucks between community & police for discussions, suggestions, changes, etc.

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