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Black Lives Matter Sue Trump Administration Over Protest Violence - Do You Support the Lawsuit?
by Causes
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  • JunnaLayn
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    WE ARE ALL PART OF THE HUMAN RACE! I had a conversation with one of my black friends yesterday. I asked her if she could remember ANY offensive comment I've made. You see, as a privileged white women I have no way of knowing if there is some way I express myself that COULD be offensive - how would I know unless I'm called out? She said she couldn't think of anything - I then asked her to please call me out if ever a seeming racist remark leaves my lips. She said she would. I challenge EVERYONE to have similar conversations with a friend or stranger who is a different color than you. I will admit, here in this forum, why I asked this particular question. I was on a shopping outing with my sister and nieces. We were downtown in a large CA city - I don't remember which. Anyway - I went into a little Asian shop and made a purchase that came to an even $5.00. ( I'm surprised anytime a purchase rings to a round number) I looked at the clerk, a small Asian woman and said, without thinking and a smile on my face, "Five dolla!" After leaving the shop, I realized what a hateful demeaning thing to say - AND I did not go back and apologize. If you don't know why this was demeaning: I've often heard in movies "5 dolla" referring to a blow job in a massage parlor. I don't know if that is a reality or not - perhaps there is a man out there who can admit he's heard it directly. I am truly mortified every time I think about this - it happened in the last 10 years!

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