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Black Lives Matter Sue Trump Administration Over Protest Violence - Do You Support the Lawsuit?
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  • Ken
    Voted Yes

    When you arm police with military equipment, hand them “non lethal” weapons, and ask them to do something about protesters who are saying their jobs aren’t being done right, what exactly does anyone expect to happen? There is going to be violence. Take away that unnecessary military equipment. The police don’t need it to serve and protect. We don’t need police set up to beat and oppress. They must approach the american people with dialogue, not intimidation or brute force. And most of all, we don’t need leadership that encourages the police to be violent, while spouting unbelievable lies about how they support peaceful protesters. Trump cannot gaslight the courts. No matter what he says about refusing to take responsibility, the buck stops with the president and he is responsible. It doesn’t even matter if he didn’t personally order the police to brutalize protesters, although he tweets about it, so he might as well have. His failure is that he doesn’t control the civilian authorities under his command appropriately. He doesn’t seek reasonable dialogue. He doesn’t order police to stand down. He threatens to use the military instead! And the endless pointing of his finger at other people... it’s intolerable! This. Is. Trumps. Fault.

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