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Barr & Wray Say They’re Investigating Antifa, Extremist Groups, & ‘Foreign Actors’ That Incited Violence Around the Country During Protests
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  • Cynthia
    Voted Yes

    Antifa???? Anti-facist??? I want the white supremacists investigated, as the governors say they are they problem, from out of state. I want the military, national guard, and cops investigated. I saw cops knock a 75 year old man to the cement and leave him bleeding I saw cops attack the press thanks to trumps "enemy of the people" and repubs like you mcsally. I say cops attack peaceful people with clubs. I watched peaceful demonstrators attacked viciously by the military so trump could stand in front of a church with an upside down bible. People have lost eyes and been severely injured. When our cops dress up like 3rd world country dictatorship cops, they escalate any encounters that happen. trump has now crossed a line by calling out the military, which is unlawful and again the job of congress. He has now turned our country into a military dictatorship. And you republicans do NOTHING to stop him. Just to keep your seat mcsally which you did not win anyway You are as despicable as bunker bitch trump.


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