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The DC: 🔎 Barr investigating 'Antifa and other agitators' inciting riots, and... Is it time to reform legal protections of police officers?
by Causes
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  • J.Maurice

    It’s time to dean all Hate Organizations as such enemies of the nation as well to do better when hiring an cops do an deeper background check as they would for joining military Everyone whom feels that they’ve been unfairly pulled over an or stooped being of color Brown or such it’s time to take it peaceful March to the streets an email or call all assembly persons of your states an legislators make know reform is need we all need to take it to the Highest Offices Branches an never stop , take it to the White Houss TIL they endorse an make it an true national an international laws to combate racism an to abolish all organizations of Hate at all levels !!! It’s time this moment to act all States need to do more Federal mandated !!! Rise up for peace an peace 2020 Vote in the many whom where killed because there wasn’t true police reform an there’s no stopping it as an law enforcement mandated law as well ... March on White House 2020 an peace March in the name of the many taken by wrongful unjust cops !!!!

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