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U.S. Economy Saw Biggest Monthly Jobs Increase in History With 2.5 Million Added in May, Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Drops Amid Pandemic
by Causes
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  • Phillip
    Voted Apathetic

    These job numbers are absolutely pointless. Of course there’s going to be high numbers when we went into lock down. Of course there’s going to be better numbers as we come out of it. What will tell more is if orders and the economy come back with it. The “spending” class have had to use any savings or minimal government assistance to survive for now. They drive the economy. Apart from groceries and necessities there has and I would imagine will be little extra spending in the next few months. If our government “leaders” cared anything for their populace they would be issuing reminders that saving and frugal living should be our number one concern right now.

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