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Barr & Wray Say They’re Investigating Antifa, Extremist Groups, & ‘Foreign Actors’ That Incited Violence Around the Country During Protests
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    JunnaLayn, There is a little more to this sweet myth that you might find amusing. Ich bin ein Berliner In June, 1963, John F. Kennedy made either the most important speech of the Cold War era or the most well known pastry-related blunder of all time. JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech is an oration celebrated not only for its message against Soviet domination but also for its alleged assertion that the president of the United States was a jelly doughnut. Is there any truth to that legend? Not really, but the doughnut—or Berliner” in question is delicious, so we’re taking a close look at it this week. The misconception arose from the fact that Kennedy supposed should have said, “Ich bin Berliner.” Adding the indefinite article “ein” implied that the speaker is a Berliner, which isn’t a citizen of Berlin at all but instead a jelly-filled doughnut popular in Germany and Central Europe. However, Kennedy wasn’t speaking as a literal person living in Berlin but in a figurative sense, where the “ein” is still necessary. Additionally, those jelly doughnuts aren’t even known as “Berliners” in Berlin: They’re called Pfannkuchen instead. No self respecting West Berliner listening to that speech would have confused Kennedy’s words. reference:

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