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Defense Secretary Says Insurrection Act a ‘Last Resort’ For Dire Situations - ‘We Are Not in One of Those Situations Now’
by Causes
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    I don’t get on fb but I have to speak my mind on this. Too much pain for me to be silent. All lives matter when black lives matter. How hard is that to comprehend? We are afforded freedoms and liberties that I have seen systemically stolen from Americans of color my whole life. I was lucky to grow up a Jehovah’s Witness with very caring and constructive parents and although I have many personal issues with that religion, racism is not one of them. That being said, my views of the right wing Christian movement today has little to nothing to do with Christ or his teachings. There is very little love and empathy in this society for others. The rampant selfishness of every word typed or uttered is sad, disheartening and degenerate to peace. I have never seen such mob mentality in my years on this planet. Last week there were people with machine guns protesting that their rights were infringed because people couldn’t get what they wanted when they wanted it. This week another man is murdered by militarized police and then another and the violence continues but you applaud the government suppression of these people. There is a need for change to progress in society or there will be no solution. Which is it? Is it a human right to life and liberty or does that just count for us white people to be able to eat at Applebee’s? What if the police had treated the stay at home protesters the way BLM protesters were treated for the presidents photo op? What would have happened and how does the outcome differ? The media is a flawed system of opinion networks owned by corporations who are playing you all like pawns on a chess board. News is different from the media. You have to find the news. Or you can continue to eat what they feed you and blame the other side for the taste of shit in your mouth. The real fight is for the survival of the common mans ability to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you are not in it together you are working for their plot. The politics of 2020 is at odds with the pursuit of life and liberty. Militarized police and government action towards BLM could just as well turn on you. Ruby ridge, Waco etc. When one Americans rights are being infringed spin all Americans Rights are being infringed upon. When you see that reality maybe you can see what is actually being done to us all under the guise of religious freedom and Christian values. When in reality those freedoms and values are being trampled by the very people who demand them.


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