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What is ‘Qualified Immunity’ & How Does It Protect Police Officers From Lawsuits Alleging Violations of Citizens’ Rights?
by Causes
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  • Dean
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    When a police officer at a blind intersection ran a red light striking my car despite attempts to steer away, it scared my grandson driving with his learners permit and my wife his passenger. They were unharmed, as was the officer who was chasing speeding motorcyclists who didn't run the light. The insurance company for the county however said "the red light was on, not our problem" If no one is held responsible for their actions in court, no one has to be careful of the property or well being of others. How can we be scornful of civilian witnesses to crimes who don't come forward when police allow their coworkers to commit acts that would be criminal without "qualified immunity"? The standard that allows reckless disregard for the health and life of the citizens police are sworn to protect is part of the problem. About pining someone to the ground by the neck. “It is a technique that we don’t use as much anymore because of the vulnerability,” said Mylan Masson, a former police officer who ran a training program for the Minneapolis police for 15 years until 2016. “We try to stay away from the neck as much as possible.” Even though he's seen the result, even though he's no longer training officers, his answer is still couched in accepting what should be unacceptable. My brush with police immunity was an inconvenience that cost me $2000, many aren't so lucky.

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