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The DC: 🔎 Barr investigating 'Antifa and other agitators' inciting riots, and... Is it time to reform legal protections of police officers?
by Causes
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  • Barbara

    Police reform is urgent. We have a systemic race problem in this country and police abuse of POC is at the forefront. This problem has been ongoing for centuries. But under the current administration it has gone from bad to alarming. The actions of police and now unidentified security forces who act with impunity under AG Barr are reminiscent of oppressive third world regimes, not a free democracy. I am deeply frightened about the direction this country is taking. POC in this country have never enjoyed the same rights as white people. Now we are rapidly moving toward becoming a police state. Congress must act immediately to : 1) require that all police and security forces used for domestic security identify themselves individually and the military branch or agency they represent 2) establish clear guidelines for dealing respectfully with peaceful first amendment demonstrations as well as tactics for deescalating violent mobs 3) prohibit the use of forceful tactics that endanger the lives of people during arrests 4) immediately end the practice of supplying police with military grade weapons and equipment 5) require all domestic security agents to undergo retraining to end police brutality, especially against POC 6) Hold individual police and security agents accountable for causing the death or injury of arrestees

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