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Barr & Wray Say They’re Investigating Antifa, Extremist Groups, & ‘Foreign Actors’ That Incited Violence Around the Country During Protests
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  • Nateinps
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    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander doesn’t work. Playing team red vs team blue isn’t the right way to look at this situation. However, the stores and property that’s being looted and destroyed that have nothing to do with changing the laws or the injustices happening is just as wrong as the the white supremacy Charlottesville group. It’s time we face facts. They keep saying voting changes things and all that. But since 1988 every cycle shows more and more voters are showing up. Things are getting worse not better... call me crazy but the numbers and the message don’t add up. It’s time to take individual responsibility. Get together In our communities and handle things ourselves. We have evolved enough to know what’s right and wrong we should have a say in what’s importantly spend our tax dollars on. We need to accept the failure of the American experiment. It was a great try but the greed and lack of morals perverted the main ideas. There’s too many ways to twist the language to screw others. We the people have no way to prosper and have the government working for us and what we want. The results on this app alone shows they work for them and we work for them they keep up so busy working we can’t see how they are screwing us and those who aren’t working too much they are distracted by new tech or new products. Keeping us distracted and ignorant while telling us they have our best interest in mind. Then why do I feel like I’m being raped by a sandpaper covered bat with no lube? Why do I feel like no matter what is said nothing is done? When I was first diagnosed with cancer and lost my job why couldn’t I get help to keep my apartment while getting treatments. I called every department, called social security, tried everything I could but. No help unemployment stopped early cause I qualified for disability, took 18 months to get an answer. 2 weeks after the 2 operation and the news they got it all.. So no disability or back payments while waiting. I was unable to work, I lost everything. Test now there’s all this slush funds to send checks out to everyone! So there’s money for everyone but for just 1 let him die... again how is my government supportive and working on my behalf? I hope the movement that people like the YouTube Beau of the Fifth Column is a reality sooner than later. We know how to act with each other. The only time we fight is when “government” is involved. Or when innocent people are caught in the mix of others. We have 0 rights in the United State. Honestly with beliefs the way they are we really aren’t united anymore either are up? We can be responsible and act the correct way without anyone asserting authority and fear on us. In our communities if someone’s acting wrong we don’t need heartless thug police to call. We need to call the family members to assist. We can get the roads fixed too same people that did them before only the price will come down without needing to pay extra federal salaries. It’s heartbreaking how fast and easy and simple every single tiny issue can be fix and not 1 people negatively impacted in a way that they will be ruined. But why not keep up this twisting and lying and make it harder for everyone is the American way now....

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