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Barr & Wray Say They’re Investigating Antifa, Extremist Groups, & ‘Foreign Actors’ That Incited Violence Around the Country During Protests
by Causes
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  • Matthew
    Voted No

    INVESTIGATE WHITE NATIONALIST GROUPS!!! White nationalist groups like the boogaloo boys and their like are showing up and starting shit. BUT of course Putin’s Bitch’s Bitch won’t investigate the Racist in Chief’s base. These groups have also been saying they are Antifa to cast guilt onto Antifa and not the white nationalists. Antifa doesn’t have a leadership hierarchy that the third reich administration can go after, they are just trying to ignore the issue and distract us. To my PATHETIC TRAITOR RACIST THIRD REICH “REPS”: RACIST Simpson, RACIST Risch, RACIST CRAPo—YOU ARE ALL A DISGRACE!!! You three RACISTS ARE GUILTY of destroying our country. You three RACISTS have done nothing to protect our democracy and our country. You three can ROT IN HELL on your own time so fuck you for dragging us with you. If you actually cared about your country YOU WOULD STAND UP FOR OUR COUNTRY!! YOU WOULD DEFEND OUR COUNTRY!!! But your silence says everything.

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