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Barr & Wray Say They’re Investigating Antifa, Extremist Groups, & ‘Foreign Actors’ That Incited Violence Around the Country During Protests
by Causes
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  • Steve
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    ... and while we’re here. I’ll go ahead and venture a guess that a large number of the looters that inserted themselves into the protest weren’t particularly interested in politics or causes. Whatever that was it was incredibly well coordinated and organized. Kinda like “organized crime” and as any effective organized crime operation, they exploited an opportunity when they saw it. Of course the far right wants to place blame without a shred of evidence of who had what motive. It’s easy to place blame and put that out there. Let the legal system handle criminality and let an actual prosecutor determine motive. The way this has been positioned is repulsive! Twitter doesn’t exactly have a great reputation with everything and everyone that surrounds him and you guys get to judge everybody else without a shred of evidence? Tell birther boy and his AG Fred Flintstone puppet that we aren’t doing this anymore! The GOP needs to repent and redeem their enabling of this monster and soon. November is coming! #Vote

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