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What is ‘Qualified Immunity’ & How Does It Protect Police Officers From Lawsuits Alleging Violations of Citizens’ Rights?
by Causes
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    As a therapist I was held to a higher standard of ethics because of power differences between clients and therapists. How much more so for people holding life and death power over others? To announce immunity before encounters is horrific.I understand that courts care about the law and not the ethics. At some point, in a country steeped in Institutionalized racism, horrific abuse and murder by the police sworn to protect and serve, with such political power that they aren’t charged, and if they are, they aren’t convicted, Is inviting torture and murder of People of Color. Black lives matter. Mentally ill lives matter. Poor people matter. First Nation people matter. Each has people who care sbout them. How much more so when it’s senseless police brutality? Providing immunity creates corruption and invites further injustices.

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