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President Trump Considers Invoking Insurrection Act to Quell Riots - Should the Military Be Called In to Help Local Authorities?
by Causes
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  • Kathleen
    Voted No

    Hell no!!! Local police can handle things just fine. If need be then use the national guard to assist. The problem with the riots with violence was not your local folks. was those gangs that monitor where there will be protests and send their people in to cause havoc and get the already on edge protesters going. Who the hell in their right mind wants to destroy things in their own communities. Seriously!?! I blame the gangs for stirring up this mad violence. There was no need for it. Then there's the ass-in-chief who wants our own military to harm US citizens having peaceful protests. That's not how this works you dumb ass! What trump has done is disgusting and needs to be dealt with now! Hurting innocent folks just to get across the street for a photo-op!?! What's wrong manbaby!?! Scared!?! Mr. Bully scared of what a crazy person might do or say to you!?! Give me a break!!! You my dear idiot are not a king. Normal Americans will never bow down to kiss your feet or anyone else!!! That's not what America stands for so Mr. Whiner, Mr Manbaby, Mr. Bully hiding in a bunker...get over yourself!!!

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