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What is ‘Qualified Immunity’ & How Does It Protect Police Officers From Lawsuits Alleging Violations of Citizens’ Rights?
by Causes
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    I see absolutely no purpose for this except sending a message to police officers that they can just about do whatever they want regardless of the law or who is hurt because they can just claim immunity. Police are not above the law. Police are not above the people. Police are REQUIRED to know the laws in order to enforce them, if someone is hurt or violated because of an officer’s ignorance or blatant disregard for the law and rights, they deserve to feel the full force of the law and disciplinary action. Not knowing the laws isn’t an excuse to violate the laws of this society and to violate people’s rights when you’re a police officer. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE. Learn the laws, follow the laws, enforce the laws, protect the people - ALL people, be calm and compassionate, and be held legally responsible for their actions juat like all of us. NO IMMUNITY FOR POLICE!!

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