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The DC: Three more officers charged in George Floyd killing, and... 👥Have you experienced racism?
by Causes
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  • Steven

    My final 2 quarters at the university of Minnesota we’re spent volunteering teaching at the Pine Point school in Ponsford Mn. A very small American Indian town 3 miles off the White Earth reservation, who got no help from the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the local white school district. No breakfast like the other schools in the district received daily, no lunch, $300 per year average family income, no work in town. There was no high school either and after 7th grade the students from Pine Point would be bussed to Park Rapids where the students from Pine Point school then had a 85% drop out rate. We, the teachers at Ponsford organized a relay race carrying a back pack of letters from everyone in Ponsford explaining why they should have their own school district and high school, to a Minnesota legislature meeting being held in Park Rapids. We spread the students out the 13 miles to Park Rapid and had a bus to carry the students after they had passed the pack to the next runner but none of the students got on the bus, they all ran the whole way together, ran right on into the city hall and tossed the pack on the table in front of the legislators. All caught on tv. It was the finest, warmest, happiest experience I have ever had and to our surprise Ponsford and the Pine Point school got their own school district. They now teach using their own language as they relearn it, all of us white teachers quit and passed our jobs on to local indigenous, horses are again allowed on school property and the town now has an unspoken pride you can feel when if you happen to pass threw there probably by mistake. I’m not young and that was 40+ years ago. I started teaching there the same week as the insurrection at Wounded Knee.

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