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The DC: Three more officers charged in George Floyd killing, and... 👥Have you experienced racism?
by Causes
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  • Rocco

    I think as we have a dialogue about racism and discrimination in this country we need to be cautious in over generalizing and adding to the hateful rhetoric that exists in this country. Racism is horrible and in 2020 it needs to end. We need to evolve as a people united and have more compassion and empathy and understanding. Let’s not spend time labeling and pointing fingers at whole groups but use our energy to educate and enlighten and make a difference. This type of dialogue fuels racism and division. Let’s not add to the Trump rhetoric that he loves to stoke. Be the people who effects change with compassion and empathy. I read another Trump twitter post today with more childish name calling that he loves to inspire. Everyone needs to stand up and silence the hateful rhetoric that is rampant in this country which fuels racism. Use your voice to spread wisdom and common sense and humanity and don’t waste time with back and forth discourse. We need to acknowledge our shortcomings as a nation united and turn the tide on racism forever. The Trump presidency is not the catalyst for this change and we need to unite and vote in an administration that will work to inspire and effect real change. Biden may not be the ideal candidate but his desire to lead our country to a better place is hope for our nation rather than despair everyday. Be kind to one another and embrace our diversity that is the foundation of our great democracy.

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