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Trump Visits Church After Police Clear Protesters With Tear Gas – How Do You Feel About Trump’s Visit to St. John's?
by Causes
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  • Celiaann
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    He didn’t go in! He didn’t offer any comfort to the US citizens! And for sure he didn’t offer ANY prayer (he doesn’t know ONE scripture. He stood there looking just like what he is a weak and stupid old man! He NEEDED a cadre of people around him AND the military to “protect” him. It’s a wonder that the bible didn’t just ignite! Obviously it was a dusty and never opened bible in this administration as he looked at it like he didn’t even know what to do with it.and had to focus on it (after holding it upside down) then he to saw that it read “Holy Bible”..he didn’t even know where it came from (except from stupid Ivanka’s poccabook)! Who in the world except this idiot could hold a bible upside down. it to John 11:35 you should be able to remember THAT scripture. Jesus Wept (the shortest in the bible and significant).

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