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George Floyd Protests Update: New York City Lifts Curfew
by Axios
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  • jimK

    Inflammatory comments on Facebook which claimed to be from ANTIFA were traced back to and confirmed to have originated from white supremacy groups. There has been no indication that the the lawful protesters have had anything to do with the people using special tools/equipment to break into businesses and quickly run away without taking anything, or walking amongst the protestors armed with accelerants and Molotov cocktails. A few have been found to be affiliated with white nationalist organizations, others were never held long enough to make a determination and NON, NOT ANY have been identified to be associated with of any the loosely organized ANTIFA protest groups which has no national coordination nor central organization. The tactics employed by these disrupters show clear central coordination and mobilization to scouted ‘opportunities’ as police close in on current hot spots. Several white nationalist groups, like the Boogaloo Bois have a ‘manifesto’ of white supremacy, advocating destroying infrastructure and attacking police - and they are among the other white nationalist groups which were reported to have been quietly recruited by the RNC months ago to disrupt Democratic institutions and to intimidate Democratic functions through their heavily armed presence. Disrupting and demeaning the protests over the police killing of a defenseless black man provides an absolutely prefect venue for spreading their venom. The trump is way down in the polls and, as he has done before, is preaching discord with his rhetoric of hate and divisiveness. The white nationalist/supremacist agenda aligns with his own, so he can solidify his enraged base through a polarizing division. Separate the protesters from those breaking into buildings and running away to let others face the consequences, those carrying tools for breaking and entering, accelerants or Molotov cocktails. Find out who these people are, where they come from, who they are affiliated with, who has funded them and who is directing ground operations. Now that is something for our police and national guard units to focus on - as opposed to beating on lawful or even malingering protesters.

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