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President Trump Considers Invoking Insurrection Act to Quell Riots - Should the Military Be Called In to Help Local Authorities?
by Causes
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  • howlingcastles
    Voted No

    Absolutely not!!! People have the right to protest. Police brutality has gone on for too long. It started silently with taking a knee during the national anthem to show solidarity with a hurting nation, but no one listened. If you feel like no one is listening, you generally increase your volume in order to be heard. Still, no one is listening. The criminal justice system in this country is terribly flawed and fundamentally broken. It needs to be seriously remade from the ground up. Lawmakers need to listen to the people, in this case Black communities about how we can create a criminal justice system where everyone is treated with dignity. Listen to the Black Lives Matter movement, really listen to them. One step in the right direction would be demilitarizing our police force and holding law enforcement to the highest accountability. Therefore, sending in the military would be a horrible message and extremely harmful. Please listen to the movement and work VERY HARD to enact policies that address their concerns. Too many lives have been lost.

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