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The DC: Trump considers invoking Insurrection Act to quell riots, and... ⛪️ How do you feel about Trump's visit to St. John's?
by Causes
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  • Monique

    “Take a Knee” first TRUMP. . Before we go Detroit on our nation let’s see efforts of real unification through leadership. . i’m a peaceful protest and riots have to stop. But, how we go about it is crucial. Bring together various Culture Diversity groups i.e. NAACP, podcast “where ya From” Our Daily Bread ministriesNASA, churches, ICOC, Corporations. Collaborate and learn to listen and get others to do the same. Then we can plan toward goals for all. 1. i’m praying and fasting 2. Voting ( writing to representatives, pushing legal change) 3. Listening and allowing others to tell their experiences, no Finger pointing, and tell their emotions behind that experience). 4. Mt 28 Plan and move forward together. “Age of Healing”


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