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The DC: Trump considers invoking Insurrection Act to quell riots, and... ⛪️ How do you feel about Trump's visit to St. John's?
by Causes
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  • Beth

    “This is an awful man, waving a book he hasn’t read in front of a church he doesn’t attend, invoking laws he doesn’t understand, against fellow Americans he sees as enemies, wielding a military he dodged serving, to protect power he gained via accepting foreign interference, exploiting fear and anger he loves to stoke, after failing to address a pandemic he was warned about, and building it all on a bed of constant lies and childish inanity”. Father Robert Hendrickson, Rector, Saint Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church I agree 100%! Pat Toomey - you OWN this!! As do all republicans!!! How dare you take taxpayer money as salary and do nothing for the past three years while this disgusting president and cabinet eviscerate our constitution and shred our country!! Now you will sit by while he starts violent attacks against Americans?? And deploys the army against us in our own neighborhoods? Is there no base level for you? Do you just pocket the special interest money and confirm unqualified judges and ignore the rest of our reality? How dare you?!

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