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President Trump Considers Invoking Insurrection Act to Quell Riots - Should the Military Be Called In to Help Local Authorities?
by Causes
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  • Charlie
    Voted Yes

    Its time to end this. If mayors, governors and others are unwilling to do what it takes to take our nation back, then yes, move forward Mr. President. This now has nothing to do with mourning...., with protesting against police brutality... but everything to do with anarachy and attempts to discredit you befor this falls election. Shamefully - Mr Flloyd is becoming an afterthought. We are seeing what mr schumer's comments of "whatever it takes" ... looks like. We all know you will be blamed no matter what rightious decisions you make or actions you take. Above all, I EXPECT the DOJ do a deep dive investigation to see who is behind this and prosecute them to the fullest. I suspect we will be surprised to see who "them" are.... second thought, maybe we won't be surprised. AND YES! Mr. President, declare antifa as a terrorist organization, as well as black lives matter. It would no doubt reveal much to do a deep dive into g. soros. I suspect you know this, but there is a "seathing boiling anger' brewing in the American people. Between the Wuhan Virus and now this anarchy,.... well lets say if the powers that be continue to push the American people out of work, out of freedom or allow thugs to rule the streets.... well... all who read this.... you can finish the sentence.


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