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Trump Visits Church After Police Clear Protesters With Tear Gas – How Do You Feel About Trump’s Visit to St. John's?
by Causes
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  • Linda
    Voted Angry

    He is about as religious as I am and I am an atheist. Have been for many years now. With that said, I can accept that is my belief and not the belief of those around me. He is a complete hypocrite. He completely disrespected those people who do believe in the church and all it stands for. I’m sorry, but the church was not put there for this idiot to do his P.R. And if he does want to play the religion game, then maybe he should try purchasing his very own bible, opening it up and READ IT. He may just learn something. If not, than admit he is not religious and accept it instead of dragging it through the dirt just to make himself look like a hero.

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