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President Trump Considers Invoking Insurrection Act to Quell Riots - Should the Military Be Called In to Help Local Authorities?
by Causes
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  • Linda
    Voted No

    The military is not comprised of toy soldiers to be used by a weak and insecure little man who used foreign help and xenophobic attacks to become the President while losing the popular vote by millions. It is not “his” but America’s and should not be using war tactics against people engaged in peaceful protest. These actions are the actions of a dictator. And the Republican Senators and Congresspersons who do not condemn him and have failed to impeach him bear the responsibility for the destruction of our democratic principles. Looting, arson, and destruction must stop. But the US Military belongs to the people. This is not Iraq, Syria, or Turkey. The militarization of the police is one of the problems. This man and his corrupt administration of toadies and incompetents must be voted out decisively.

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