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Trump Calls Governors ‘Weak,’ Urges Them to ‘Dominate’ Protesters
by Causes
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  • Dewitt
    Voted No

    To reiterate what has already been said ad nauseum, people support the right to peaceful protest. None of this is peaceful and it was designed to be co-opted by Democrat-aligned radical groups. The peaceful were never going to be heard because the left was never going to let this crisis go to waste. It is no coincidence the violence is the worst in Democrat-run cities and states. Think of this. The same left-wing politicians who loved the police and were so giddy to use them to enforce fines and arrests associated with their lockdowns are the same ones now ok with painting the entire profession with the broad brush of ridicule and derision because of the actions of four individuals, and even more willing to hold them back while even more livelihoods are destroyed by rioters and looters. This is done to stain the focus of their insanity - Donald Trump. You know they're trying too hard when they can only see "white supremacists" in the looting and destruction. I guess white supremacy is now a rainbow coalition. If the black community wants a true shot at success (like they did before COVID-19) then stop voting for your slave masters. People of color have been voting Democrat for 60+ years and to what end? Does anyone not see these simmering issues exist in Democrat strongholds?! Donald Trump is the one guy in Washington who would actually sit down with the black community and work for real success. Not give lip service and promise hand-outs. It's a real shame to miss this opprtunity.


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