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Trump Visits Church After Police Clear Protesters With Tear Gas – How Do You Feel About Trump’s Visit to St. John's?
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted Excited

    Does what he needs to to do what he has to. The church is boarded up so those peaceful protesters don’t destroy it. Imagine what would have erupted if he asked them to allow him to pass through. Don’t say they would have parted and allowed him to pass through. You and I both know better. I read these posts everyday and all the hate comes from the same people, it doesn’t matter what he does you hate on him. It doesn’t matter what the question is, you spew the same hatred speech every day. Every minister and priest uses the church as a photo op and a prop. They live off the money they expect their parishioners to give them and for that money they talk about the life of Jesus. Most don’t live the life of Jesus just speak about how we should follow the word of the lord. Where was that minister or any of them while these protesters are rioting. Peaceful to deadly takes less than a second, ask the flag holding American when he was beaten by ANTIFA protesters or should I say terrorists! As they incite riots and use fear to persuade forcefully under the guise of protection. The mafia did the same thing ....

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