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Should Pharmaceutical Companies Be Required to Guarantee Access to Their Products?
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  • Phyllis

    I don’t know how people are acquiring hydroxychloroquine without a prescription, but if that is the case, it needs to be investigated. I am not sure why we are still conducting trials with it. To make Trump look right? To create a lie? People like myself, depend on this drug to control real conditions. This is a dangerous drug that can create irregular heartbeats and permanent vision loss. If you are out there taking this drug without the supervision of a doctor, you are playing Russian roulette. If Pharmaceutical companies are going to market drugs, they should be responsible for providing them. They cannot play a one side game where the deck is stacked in their favor. In some instances they receive federal funding for develop drugs. The American people are tired of their health being robbed by lack of regulation or deregulation of companies that pollute our environment then lead to heath issues. Tennesseans are choking to death on poor air quality, but yet we want to protect companies who shirk there responsibility during times of need. The American citizen is becoming poorer and poorer. Disparities in incomes and healthcare exist everywhere and effects everyone. These disparities must be addressed. Heathcare is a fundamental right.

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