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Trump Warns of Military Deployment if Riots Continue: We Can't Let 'Righteous Cries of Peaceful Protesters' Be 'Drowned Out by An Angry Mob'
by Causes
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  • Phyllis
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    This is a sick, weak man. Someone that got multiple deferments for bone spurs and rushed to a bunker because of protesters, is not going to look strong by verbally bulling governors and gassing American citizens who are rightfully protesting. If anything, it proves how weak he is. Anyone who thinks this stunt with Trump walking to a church with “a Bible” with a hundred plus armed guards standing around, is living in an alternate universe. It was sick and despicable. It was disrespectful of the Bishop of the church, to the Bible and to people of faith. Trump’s actions yesterday were more like that of a Dictator than a President. He is not helping the situation. If he thinks this is going to divert people’s attention from a raging pandemic, he is wrong. This incident is just going to join the long list of Trump failures. What a LOSER! How do you like him now!

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