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Your Thoughts on Racism & Police Violence in America
by Causes
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  • Joann
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    I was not raised to see a difference in the color of anyone's skin. I did not raise my children to see a difference in skin color and they in turn have not taught their children to see a difference in skin color. Racism is hate and hate is taught. No one is born with hate in their hearts. I cannot even fathom the ignorance one must have to actually believe that the color of someone's skin determines the worth of a human being. I cannot even comprehend the mindset of someone trapped in such unmitigated hate that they actually take pride in teaching their children the same hate they were taught towards their fellow man just because they have a darker skin color. I have studied history and have read of the horrors that our fellow Black Americans have endured. I've seen the films of Martin Luther King, Jr., and others together with the protests and the subsequent deaths. It was appalling then and it's appalling now. My heart continues to break for my fellow Americans who have been and are still being penalized and ostracized us unequal and unworthy for simply being born into this world with a different color skin, other than white. Read that again...fellow Americans are being penalized and ostracized as unequal and unworthy for simply being born into this world with a different color skin....the assignment they were given by God by the way and one they had no control over. It makes me physically, mentally and emotionally sick to read those words, let alone realize that that ignorant mentality has a place in our society today; that it EVER had a place in our society. Common sense tells us that our skin color is external only and does not dictate our worthiness as a human being. However, those without common sense see a skin color, if other than white, as justification for their learned hatred and preconceived notion of white privilege and superiority. How can anyone justify skin color as a reason to treat another with such disrespect, humiliation, hatred and superiority? What if the shoe had been on the other foot? While violence is never the answer, at some point enough has to be enough and we have to make a stand against brutality and racism through protests. The horrifying reality we are now living is the fact that the president of the United States of America is responsible for continually fueling and fanning the flames of racism, division and hate and that is just beyond comprehension. He is decidedly the most dangerous president in the history of our country. I pray that the American people will stand united and become the change we so desperately need...and remove the most dangerous and vile cancer of all in the November election so that we may all start to heal and rebuild our country as the UNITED States of America.


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