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Trump Terminates U.S. Relationship With WHO, Ends Special Status for Hong Kong After China Violates its Autonomy
by Causes
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  • Anita
    Voted Sad

    Sirs, All I can say is Washington is out of control. Trump should be in prison and the rest of you need to step up. You have allowed, Trump to stop funding The World Health Organization. How crazy is that cures and vaccines will be found and not shared. Diseases will break out and we will be last to know. This is not the country I have been proud of with the kind heart, that engulfed all countries to ensure safety for all. The voters will not allow the fool in the White House to continue to bully his way through, insight riots and continue to lie to the people. Trumps self-serving make him richer at the expense of the country will stop. Sincerely Anita Blute A Republican Voter!


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